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MVC Storefront Challenge Kickoff

Last week, I announced the MVC Storefront Challenge, which is a response to some feedback Rob Conery was getting on his ongoing MVC Storefront series.  Before I could get started, I needed to get the original project up and running … Continue reading 

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Austin Code Camp material posted

I’ve (finally) posted my slides and code from Austin Code Camp: Intro to C# 3.0 Mocks and Stubs Legacy Code All code includes before and after solutions, along with descriptive comments on the changes made (and why). The slides aren’t … Continue reading 

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Working with the web model

Lots of comments from my recent post on ASP.NET WebForms being officially unmaintainable noted that: AJAX works with the ClientID property I don’t care about HTML One thing to remember about web applications is that web applications are nothing more … Continue reading 

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The MVC Storefront Challenge!

In Rob Conery’s recent post on the MVC Storefront example he’s been working on, he got some comment to basically toss out Linq2SQL and use NHibernate instead. Blah. How about the community does it instead?  I’m not looking for an … Continue reading 

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Entities, Value Objects, Aggregates and Roots

Taking a small detour before I deliver the first installment in the Domain-Driven Design: Supple Design Patterns series, I’d like to cover the basic elements of Domain-Driven Design modeling: Entities Value Objects Aggregates and Roots I’d like to cover these … Continue reading 

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More Entity Framework thoughts

Dan Simmons has a great write-up on Microsoft’s vision of Entity Framework that really gives some insight into the motivation behind a lot of the direction that they’re going in.  Go read that post, and come back. Back now?  OK … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET: officially unmaintainable

Recent forays back into “classic” ASP.NET (i.e. not MVC) have me completely convinced that ASP.NET is inherently unmaintainable.  Not partially convinced, not on the fence, but completely convinced that the presentation layer of ASP.NET cannot be maintained in any reasonable … Continue reading 

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Austin Code Camp 2008 post-mortem

I really hate the word “post-mortem.”  Did someone die?  Anyway, I had a great time in my talks over: Legacy Code Intro to C# 3.0 Mocks and Stubs All in all, I felt the Legacy Code talk went the best … Continue reading 

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See you at Austin Code Camp!

This week I’ll be speaking at Austin Code Camp, a technical conference here in Austin that features in-depth code-centric sessions.  The sessions I’m doing are: Intro to C# 3.0 – covering practical and pragmatic applications of the new features of … Continue reading 

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Domain-Driven Design: Supple Design Patterns Series

At last week’s Austin DDD Book Club, we discussed my favorite chapter in Evans’ Domain-Driven Design book: Supple Design.  Modeling is an important exercise in Domain-Driven Design, but it’s not enough to have a codebase that’s easy to work with.  … Continue reading 

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