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LINQ query operators: lose that foreach already!

Now that .NET 3.5 is out with all its LINQ query operator goodness, I feel like going on a mean streak of trashing a lot of our (now) pointless foreach loops.  Some example operations include: Transformations Aggregations Concatenations Filtering As … Continue reading 

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Enhancing mappers with LINQ

The “big 3″ higher-order functions in functional programming are Filter, Map and Reduce.  When looking at the new C# 3.0 LINQ query operators, we find that all three have equivalents: Filter = Where Map = Select Reduce = Aggregate Whenever … Continue reading 

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Mike Cohn in town

Mike Cohn, author of User Stories Applied and Agile Estimation and Planning, is speaking tomorrow night as a part of Agile Austin’s Distinguished Speaker Series.  The topic is “Succeeding with Agile: A Guide to Transitioning”, with the description: Transitioning to … Continue reading 

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PabloTV: Eliminating static dependencies screencast

Nature abhors a vacuum.  It turns out she also abhors static dependencies (I have my sources).  Static dependencies are the modern-day globals, often exposed through classes named “Helper”.  I’ve certainly been guilty of overusing static dependencies in the past, with … Continue reading 

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A pointless exercise

I caught this last night from Scott Hanselman on Twitter: It’s a side-by-side comparison of the time to create a simple web app for: Ruby Perl ASP.NET Java The website compares a few other frameworks to compare which languages … Continue reading 

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