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Trusted Subsystem, WCF and IIS

I’ve just about pulled my hair out on this one.  This used to be very easy with ASMX: Basically, I have IIS running as a trusted user, “Service”.  I want WCF to run as this user for connecting to databases, … Continue reading 

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Integrating StructureMap with WCF

When developing with an IoC container like StructureMap, eventually some place in your code you will need to call the registry to instantiate your classes with their dependencies.  With StructureMap, this means a call to ObjectFactory.GetInstance.  Ideally, we’d like to … Continue reading 

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Arrange Act Assert and BDD specifications

With Rhino Mocks 3.5 just around the corner, I’ve started using it to create much more readable tests.  One of the things that always bothered me with Expect.Call, constraints and the like was that it mixed in the Arrange with … Continue reading 

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Showing some MVC support

Joey was kind enough to create a shirt to support MVC: CafePress shirt Love it.  Alternatively, if you want to show your WebForms support, write to the Long Live WebForms guy.

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Expressions and Lambdas

Some conversation on a recent post on Chad’s blog brought up the confusion between Lambdas and Expressions.  A while back, I went into the various ways to create delegates throughout the different versions of C#.  Although I touched on it … Continue reading 

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Separation of Concerns by example: Part 5

In our last example, disaster finally struck our quaint little application.  A strange defect showed up, which would be almost impossible to reproduce back on our developer machine.  But because we’ve broken out our dependencies, our CustomerFinder became easier to … Continue reading 

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Speaking at ADNUG tonight

I’m speaking at ADNUG tonight about legacy code: The development landscape is strewn with existing legacy systems.  As these systems continue to generate revenue and provide value, eventually some force will act upon the development team to change those systems.  … Continue reading 

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ALT.NET Certification course

I am pleased to announce a new certification course, offered directly by me: The Certified ALT.NET Technician (CANT) training course As the great composer Burt Bacharach sings: What the world needs now, is certs, more certs For such a valuable … Continue reading 

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Going lean in Visual Studio

Left unchecked, Visual Studio tends to get very cluttered: I found I don’t use any of these icons.  Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo, Redo?  Those are all keyboard shortcuts.  Comment and Uncomment?  Ctrl+K+C, Ctrl+K+U.  Save All?  Ctrl+Shift+S. No more, I’m going … Continue reading 

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Separation of Concerns by example: Part 4

In the last part, we finally broke out the caching and data access concerns from our original class.  The series so far includes: Separation of Concerns – how not to do it Separation of Concerns by example: Part 1 – … Continue reading 

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