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Visualizing LINQ expressions in the debugger

In Ben’s recent post on Fluent Route Testing in ASP.NET MVC, he recalled a problem we had when trying to figure out how to deal with an Expression<> once we have one.  Typically, I like to parse the Expression to … Continue reading 

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Viewing all foreign key constraints in SQL Server

This one goes in the “so I never have to look again” category.  I needed to get a list of all foreign keys in the database, for some reason which was probably dire but now escapes me.  This guy had … Continue reading 

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Dealing with parameters in expressions and strongly-typed reflection

Something that always bothered me using Expression trees for strongly-typed reflection were the weirdness of doing reflection for methods that return parameters.  Expression trees and reflection go hand-in-hand when doing fluent interfaces/internal DSLs.  Suppose we want to do strongly-typed reflection … Continue reading 

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Beware exceptions in attribute constructors

If you’d like to have some really wacky bugs, be sure to do something like this: public class BlowupAttribute : Attribute { public BlowupAttribute(int time) { if (time <= 0) throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("time", time, "Must be greater than zero."); } … Continue reading 

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Well that’s just precious

Looks like Gmail has themes: Awesome, even got the little heart over the “i” in “Gmail”.  And I don’t see why that one upside-down ice cream is so happy, it just got a big chunk bitten out of its head.

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Functionally dynamic?

I was just playing with this tonight, but I don’t know it’s worth anything.  I thought of it after some conversations with Matt Podwysocki back at KaizenConf on how do apply some functional ideas in C#.  First, I started with … Continue reading 

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Programmers are not typists first

Jeff Atwood had a recent post that coders are typists first, programmers second: Steve [Yegge] and I believe there is nothing more fundamental in programming than the ability to efficiently express yourself through typing. Note that I said "efficiently" not … Continue reading 

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Where TDD fails for me

TDD is by far the sharpest tool in my belt.  The simplicity of client-driven design combined with the safety net of unit tests allow me to build software at a remarkable constant pace.  At the edges of most of the … Continue reading 

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SystemTime versus ISystemClock – dependencies revisited

Yes, it’s true, I’m a big fan of the Dependency Inversion Principle and Dependency Injection.  Scandalous!  But there are some situations where DI can make your classes…rather interesting. In one recent example, we needed to model an Occupation.  A person … Continue reading 

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Boycotting Flash

I’ve had it.  I’m done with Flash and Silverlight and any other bogus “Rich Internet Application” technology used to deliver what should be normal websites on the WWW.  Now, internal websites/applications are something entirely different. But relying on Flash to … Continue reading 

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