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Conversion operator behavior and casting

Today I hit something that I just assumed would work, but absolutely did not.  The issue was around the explicit conversion operators, which I use from time to time when I create Value Objects that wrap a specific primitive with … Continue reading 

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Worst Visual Studio message ever

This is about the worst Visual Studio message, ever: This happens to me about once every two weeks, when I do an SVN Update from Tortoise.  I forget to Save All, and my Project changes weren’t saved.  Instead, SVN overwrote … Continue reading 

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Thoughts on C# 4.0

It looks like VB.NET. Dynamic late-bound typing. Optional parameters. Am I missing something?  Or does this just look like what VB.NET had since .NET 1.0? Option Strict Off – that’s a trick we’ve had for a long time.  It doesn’t … Continue reading 

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Continuous Integration Tip of the Day

We wasted quite a bit of time not following this rule today: If the CI build fails, roll back the previous revision. The build failed, and from the exception we assumed it was an environmental issue.  Well, a few commits … Continue reading 

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