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Ten things to retire in 2009

This year, 2008, was a year that saw many a new term or expression get ingrained in the minds of us .NET developers.  Quite a few I’d rather not see in the next year, as they’ve overstayed their welcome.  Some … Continue reading 

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Piecemeal Expression evaluation

One of the more interesting uses of Expressions is strongly-typed reflection.  It seems that most of the time dealing with expressions, I never care about ever actually evaluating the expression for any reason.  When all I’m doing is parsing and … Continue reading 

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Getting value out of your unit tests

Unit tests, with TDD in particular, are the most efficient way I’ve found in creating behavior for my application.  For lasting value, beyond just the safety net of “if I change something, will something break”, requires extra discipline, and a … Continue reading 

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Why we need named parameters

C# 4.0 brings the idea of named parameters to C#.  While optional/default arguments are of questionable value (this is from my VB.NET days), named parameters can really clear up the meaning of a method call.  We’re already faking named parameters, … Continue reading 

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Domain Models in presentation frameworks

One common question when applying DDD is how to interpret other architecture’s concepts of a “model”.  For example, two common presentation architectures are MVC and MVP.  In each of those acronyms, the “M” is short for “Model”.  So what exactly … Continue reading 

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Making frameworks container-aware

I’m currently knee-deep in NHibernate custom listeners, for the purpose of adding auditing to our application.  Besides current documentation being plain wrong on the subject (I’ll update on the solution in the future), I hit a rather frustrating snag around … Continue reading 

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More C# Attribute annoyances

And on the subject of the deficiencies of attributes, there are a few more things I’d like to accomplish, but cant.  First on the list, generic attributes: // Boo C# compiler, boo!!! public class GenericAttribute<T> : Attribute So many times … Continue reading 

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Attributes are lousy decorators

Attributes allow developers to provide a mechanism to add metadata to types, assemblies, type members, method parameters, and just about anything else under the sun.  One of the first trends I noticed in my early days of combing the BCL … Continue reading 

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