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AutoMapper now on

Big thanks to Jeffrey for getting this going: What made it much easier was that I used TreeSurgeon as a starting place for builds.  NAnt isn’t the dirt easiest thing to get going from scratch, so TreeSurgeon’s tree and … Continue reading 

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Seamless test authoring with ReSharper and AutoHotKey

Although I’m no big believer of code generation, the micro-code generation of ReSharper can be a huge timesaver.  For every common snippet of code or common file I would create, I could create a simple template that might create a … Continue reading 

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Polymorphism in Expression trees

While trying to be extra-clever today, I found a potential nasty issue when dealing with strongly-typed reflection.  Suppose I have a simple hierarchy of objects: public abstract class Base { public abstract string Foo { get; } } public class … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper feature: projection

I’m slowly filling in documentation for AutoMapper, which is turning out to be exactly as much fun as I estimated. Projection Projection transforms a source to a destination beyond flattening the object model.  Without extra configuration, AutoMapper requires a flattened … Continue reading 

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Spaces in identifier names in C#

While I’m a fan of descriptive member names for testcase classes and test methods, there wasn’t a great way to create readable text.  Text in code editors is almost universally monospace, which reads very well for languages with lots of … Continue reading 

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Validation in a DDD world

It’s a common question, “Where do I put validation?”  Simple answer: put it where it’s needed. But it’s not just a question of “where”, but of “when”, “what” and “why”.  If we treat our entities as data holders, we might … Continue reading 

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Language feature parity and the polyglot programmer

For the average .NET developer, language features in the other .NET language don’t matter 99% of the time.  Unless of course, you’re using a framework designed for features that don’t exist for the language you’re using. Such is the plight … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper 0.2 released

With quite a few community patches submitted, I dropped AutoMapper version 0.2 today.  Here’s the release notes: Added: Better mapping exceptions that capture current mapping context Custom instantiation expressions for value formatters Custom instantiation expressions for value resolvers Support for … Continue reading 

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Entropy in software

One of the greatest lessons I had growing up was from my music teacher, on improvement: You’re either getting better or getting worse, but you’re never standing still The same applies to a software system.  Any software system’s design either … Continue reading 

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On symbology and materialism

In a great article, Scott Bellware talks about the detrimental nature of a fixation of symbology on teaching.  This is especially true in software development, where the justification, shape and application of tools are not quite as clear as other … Continue reading 

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