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MVC Beta to RTW upgrade issue – AddModelError and NullReferenceExceptions

Since we use quite a lot of the MVC extension points on our current project, we knew that we’d suffer some upgrade pains going from release to release of MVC.  This isn’t that new for us, as we use a … Continue reading 

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A better Model Binder

One of the more interesting extension points in ASP.NET MVC are the Model Binders.  Model Binders are tasked with transforming the HTTP Form and Querystring information and coercing real .NET types out of them.  A normal POST is merely a … Continue reading 

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Unicode in regular expressions

Wow, what an interesting blog post title!  Two technologies, each scintillating by itself, when brought together have more energy than a 1988 GnR concert. A feature request came up in AutoMapper to support international characters.  On the surface, that might … Continue reading 

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A sign of the times

From Daniel Cazzulino: A pattern emerges…

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Disambiguating a test fixture

One of the more disappointing things I found reading the xUnit Test Patterns book was how much one tool could shape my views on a concept.  NUnit, as great and simple tool as it is, doesn’t quite match the other … Continue reading 

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What’s in a version name?

The best AutoMapper feature request I’ve received so far is one I got at the recent ALT.NET conference: “Can you please not call the release ‘Alpha’?” Well, that’s easy. It’s funny how much the name of a release can influence … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET MVC RC finally working for me

It’s been about 4 misfires, but I’ve finally upgraded my local machine to the RC2 of ASP.NET MVC.  What was holding me back?  Every time I opened a WebForms page (.aspx, .ascx, .master), Visual Studio would hard-crash on me.  Open … Continue reading 

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Why are we so cheap with software?

On twitter today, Ayende asked the question: should I offer a personal edition for NH Prof? If so, at what cost? If you’re not familiar with NHibernate Profiler, it’s Ayende’s for-profit, non-OSS NHibernate profiling tool.  Honestly, it looks like it … Continue reading 

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Transactions and the check-in dance

At our current project, I’m on the largest individual team I’ve ever worked for.  I’ve been in larger groups working on the same codebase, but not where everyone was actually committing code every day.  One thing that’s been a constant … Continue reading 

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