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How we do MVC

Our team has been using the ASP.NET MVC framework on a production application for about 9 months now, and in that time, we’ve crafted a number of opinions on how we want to design MVC applications.  Much of this design … Continue reading 

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The Infinite Extensibility Engine

The biggest issue facing developers today is not lack of OO knowledge, patterns, or guidance.  It’s a sad lack of extensibility in today’s frameworks.  Over the past year or so, getting familiar with ASP.NET MVC, I think I’ve found an … Continue reading 

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Speeding up a local build

For the past few years, I’ve been fairly strict about following a rigorous Continuous Integration process.  That means we run a local build (NOT just a solution compile) before we check in.  However, our local build was getting rather long.  … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper feature: interfaces and dynamic mapping

In this post, I’ll highlight two features new in the 0.3 release: mapping to interfaces and dynamic mapping.  Both of these come up in rather interesting scenarios. Mapping to interface destinations In some messaging scenarios, the message itself is not … Continue reading 

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Strongly-typed Telerik reports

I absolutely loathe magic strings, especially if all they’re used for is pointing to a member on a type.  Using strings to reference a type member is ridiculously brittle, as any change in the source type member, rename or remove, … Continue reading 

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A sign of team maturity

You know you have a mature team when, nine months into a project, your testing stats are: 2384 unit tests 606 integration tests 205 UI/acceptance tests And no one is asking to throw a party.  In past teams, we would … Continue reading 

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Quality against a deadline

Parkinson’s Law states: Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. With one week iterations on an XP team, we really don’t have that problem.  On previous teams, with lengthy six month waterfall cycles, work might … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper 0.3 Beta released

Today, I dropped AutoMapper 0.3 Beta.  From the release notes: New Features Mapping to interfaces Do not need any implementation configured Implementation is created at runtime using proxies Dynamic mapping Do not need to configure source/destination type Used with Mapper.DynamicMap … Continue reading 

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Adventures with IL Merge

A recent addition to AutoMapper is the feature where I can map directly to and from interfaces.  You don’t need a concrete type to do this, AutoMapper will create an implementation for you at runtime, with default property behavior.  To … Continue reading 

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Required developer reading

The path from good developer to great developer is a long road, and not one with clear markers along the way.  When I started developing years and years ago, I was the fish floundering about, looking for the “Right” way … Continue reading 

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