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Succeeding with mediocrity

One of the criticisms of engineering practices like XP (and Agile for that matter) is that success is only really possible with strong, experienced developers.  But is it really possible to succeed with mediocrity? In my experience, teams have a … Continue reading 

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My ideal IDE

The old joke goes something like, “Oh Visual Studio?  Yeah, that’s the tool I use to host ReSharper.”  Visual Studio has made lots of strides since the old VS 2002 edition.  Before then, it was Visual Studio 6.0, on the … Continue reading 

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Refactoring challenge #2 – functionally illiterate

In the last refactoring challenge, I had a problem with some nasty conditional complexity.  To be honest, the challenge was a subtle way to crowdsource new features in AutoMapper, but hey, it worked.  One of the hard parts of being … Continue reading 

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Refactoring Challenge Part 3 – Pattern Implementation

In the previous part to the refactoring challenge, I needed to structure the original implementation to a point where I could start applying other refactorings.  Whenever I start to see a bunch of “if” statements or a big switch statement, … Continue reading 

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When is Poor Man’s Dependency Injection appropriate?

When is Poor Man’s Dependency Injection appropriate? Only in legacy code situations. That’s it.  I was called out appropriately on forgetting this, but legacy code, where I have to apply dependency-breaking techniques, does not always afford the opportunity to apply … Continue reading 

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No Fluff Just Stuff roundup

This past weekend, the No Fluff Just Stuff event came to town, and this humble .NET author infiltrated the Java ranks.  This was my first NFJS event, and first of any Java event.  In fact, I’ve never opened Eclipse or … Continue reading 

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Refactoring challenge Part 2 – Preparation

Other posts in this series: Refactoring challenge – cry for help Part 1 – Examination In the last part of this series, I took a closer look at the code smells found by commenters, which included: No tests Feature envy … Continue reading 

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Refactoring challenge Part 1 – Examination

Most of the time I post code on my blog, it’s something I’m proud of.  Other times, it’s code I didn’t write, which I promptly lambaste.  In my last post, I threw up code I did write, but couldn’t see … Continue reading 

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Refactoring challenge

I don’t like messy, obfuscated code.  But occasionally often, I write it anyway as I can’t quite see the right way to go.  Today is one of those days where I can’t seem to get past some ugly code, none … Continue reading 

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How not to do Dependency Injection, in NerdDinner

Checking out the NerdDinner code the other day, I found a common Dependency Injection anti-pattern.  One of the core concepts of DI is that components are not responsible for locating their own dependencies.  The code went part of the way … Continue reading 

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