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MVC Best Practices

Simone has a great post (as usual) on 12 ASP.NET MVC Best Practices: Controller: 1 – Delete the AccountController 2 – Isolate controllers from the outside world 3 – Use an IoC Container 4 – So NO to “magic strings” … Continue reading 

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MVC Web Testing Strategies – verifying content

Some of the questions during the C4MVC presentation concerned how I liked to locate data displayed in the rendered HTML for validation purposes.  You have quite a few options for doing so, such as: Traverse HTML directly through the DOM … Continue reading 

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C4MVC UI Testing screencast posted

Yesterday the C4MVC guys hosted a screencast with me on UI testing ASP.NET MVC.  It was a lot of fun, but I actually forgot I was being videotaped (webcam’d?), so all those times I turned off my mic to catch … Continue reading 

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C4MVC meeting on UI testing

Today I’m showing giving a talk on UI testing MVC applications for the Community for MVC.Net folks.  Those that went to my presentations in Arkansas and Houston have seen this talk already, so they’re off the hook on this one.  … Continue reading 

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How not to implement a failing test

One of the first things I change in ReSharper, along with one of my biggest pet peeves is a failing test that fails because of something like this: public class CombinedStreetAddressResolver : NullSafeValueResolver<Address, string> { protected override string ResolveCore(Address model) … Continue reading 

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More missing LINQ operators

Continuing an old post on missing LINQ operators, the wonders of extension methods allow us as developers to fill potential holes in LINQ operators.  Whether it’s a Zip method (now included in .NET 4.0), or better methods for IComparer-based operators, … Continue reading 

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Thanks Arkansas!

This week I made the drive from Austin to Fort Smith and Springdale, Arkansas to speak at the Fort Smith DNUG and the Northwest Arkansas DNUG on UI testing ASP.NET MVC.  Although I showed tools such as WatiN and Gallio, … Continue reading 

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An AutoMapper success story

I got a cool message on the AutoMapper mailing list from Howard Van Rooijen on how they used AutoMapper in a site they recently launched to production: Hello AutoMapper Community, I just wanted to let you know that an e-commerce … Continue reading 

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