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Hitting the upper limit of foreign key constraints

There are bugs, and then there are bugs.  We recently hit one that fell directly in crazy-town category.  What exactly would you do if you get this fun message: The query processor ran out of stack space during query optimization. … Continue reading 

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A better Model Binder addendum

A while back, I wrote about a ModelBinder enhancement we use to do arbitrary filtering on types.  The underlying matching algorithm only matches on one type, but we like to use layer supertypes for a lot of our domain objects, … Continue reading 

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How to annoy your teammates

In 3 easy steps: Step 1: Perform a change that affects many, many files My favorite is a namespace rename.  Other choices include deleting a core marker interface, renaming a layer supertype class, or changing the folder structure in a … Continue reading 

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Willed and forced design

Roy Osherove, as a TypeMock employee, presents quite a dilemma from opinionated TDD blog posts simply because whether he has one or not, there’s always the question of agenda.  Which is quite unfortunate, everyone has some sort of selfish agenda … Continue reading 

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Fields and virtual members

It seems like the sillier the bug, the more time you’ll spend debugging it, simply because it’s in functionality you just knew that worked correctly (and had the tests to back it up).  One problem we hit recently was code … Continue reading 

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