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Evolutionary Architecture

A popular cause the Agile folks like to rally against is the idea of a Big Design Up Front (BDUF).  But much like Waterfall, the people doing BDUF will hardly admit that it’s BDUF that they’re doing.  Instead, you’re much … Continue reading 

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Context and Best Practices

Last night, I had a Skype/SharedView session with a buddy in Arkansas trying to apply DDD and “best practices” to an application he was building.  He wanted to use all the ALT.NET tools he’s heard so much about, such as … Continue reading 

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Advanced StructureMap: Diagnosing problems

So you’ve set up StructureMap, got all your registries in a row, go to run the application, and you’re greeted by a rather unfortunate message: StructureMap.StructureMapException : StructureMap Exception Code: 202 No Default Instance defined for PluginFamily That’s just one … Continue reading 

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My picture of an MVC-WebForms marriage

Like it or not, WebForms is not going away.  Fortune 50 companies use it for their public facing, mission critical websites, and I can’t really see many of these folks tossing away years of work simply because MVC is the … Continue reading 

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Starting fresh

While prepping for the Headspring MVC Boot Camp last week, I had a couple of choices for getting the examples project up and going.  I wanted the examples to use an actual domain model, a real IoC tool, and a … Continue reading 

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Poor use of DI versus need for DI

Surprise surprise, but Uncle Bob got the twitterverse all riled up with another opinionated post, “Dependency Injection Inversion”.  His basic advice from the post on DI tools is: I think these frameworks are great tools. But I also think you … Continue reading 

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Advanced StructureMap: custom registration conventions for partially closed types

A while back, I highlighted an issue we ran into where I had basically partially closed generic types.  A common pattern in message- and command-based architectures is the concept of a handler for a message: public interface IHandler<TEvent> { void … Continue reading 

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MVC Bootcamp next week

Next week, I’ll be teaching a 3-day course on ASP.NET MVC, as part of Headspring’s ASP.NET MVC Boot Camp.  The material touches on a lot of the ASP.NET MVC features we use day-to-day, as well as looking at how we use … Continue reading 

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UI Automation tools snake oil?

Michael Feathers posted a thoughtful piece describing the general problems of UI testing tools and the industry in general.  In general, I’d agree here.  Automation tool vendors, as with almost every tool vendor out there, are eager to solve perceived … Continue reading 

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