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Strengthening your domain: Aggregate Construction

Our application complexity has hit its tipping point, and we decide to move past anemic domain models to rich, behavioral models.  But what is this anemic domain model?  Let’s look at Fowler’s definition, now over 6 years old: The basic … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper for Silverlight 3.0 Alpha

In between workshops here at the MVP Summit, I’ve been working on pushing out an early Alpha for an AutoMapper version built against Silverlight 3.0.  Thanks to some existing patches from the community, it was pretty straightforward to get things … Continue reading 

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Strengthening your domain: a primer

Posts in this series: A primer Aggregate Construction Encapsulated Collections Encapsulated Operations Double Dispatch Pattern Avoiding Setters Domain Events Recently, I talked some about the idea of an intentionally anemic domain model, under the name of “Persistence Model”.  While a … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper 1.0 RTW

AutoMapper is now officially 1.0.  You can go grab the latest binaries here: AutoMapper 1.0 RTW Here are the release notes: New Features Changing the null substitute method name and allow any type of null substitute Consolidating custom constructor configuration … Continue reading 

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