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Attribute lifecycle

For some reason, I had this assumption that the lifecycle of System.Attribute instances was singleton.  Javier Lozano wrote a quick test to prove me wrong after I looked at ways to inject services into attribute instances.  I really should have … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper Git workflow – dealing with bugs/issues

Along with the switch of VCS to git came the ability to have much improved workflows that simply weren’t possible in CVCS like TFS or SVN.  The nice thing about Git over CVCS is that because of its power, I … Continue reading 

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Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC: Contextual controller injection

In the last post, we looked at the basic DI usage in ASP.NET MVC – instantiating controllers.  However, there are quite a few other things we can do with controllers besides merely instantiate them.  One thing to keep in mind … Continue reading 

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Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC: Controllers

After working for 5 years with WebForms, it was quite a breath of fresh air to deal with simple controllers and actions with MVC.  Even better was that there is support for IoC containers built in to the framework. However, … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper source moved to GitHub

After putting it through the paces, I’m ready to (finally) announce that the AutoMapper source code has moved to GitHub: I wanted to wait to “officially” move until I had moved the build over, added new features and processed … Continue reading 

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Injecting services into entities

One of the comments that came up from the Strengthen your Domain series was the idea of injecting services into your entities, instead of using domain services, double dispatch or domain events.  For quite a long time, this was not … Continue reading 

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Strengthening your domain: Domain Events

Previous posts in this series: A primer Aggregate Construction Encapsulated Collections Encapsulated Operations Double Dispatch Pattern Avoiding Setters In the last post, we rounded out fully encapsulated domain models by encapsulating certain state information that requires certain restrictions in how … Continue reading 

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Integrating the Git bash into Console

One of the essential development tools (found on Hanselman’s tools list) is a better command shell.  The regular “cmd.exe” that comes with every version of Windows is quite lame.  Console offers a host of improvements over the build-in command prompt, … Continue reading 

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