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Ad-hoc mapping with NHibernate

In my recent adventures with massive bulk processing, there are some times when I want to pull bulk loaded tables from SQL, but don’t want to go through all the trouble of building a mapping in NHibernate.  For example, one … Continue reading 

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Bulk processing with NHibernate

On a recent project, much of the application integration is done through bulk, batch processing.  Lots of FTP shuffling, moving files around, and processing large CSV or XML files.  Everything worked great with our normal NHibernate usage, until recently when … Continue reading 

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Automating scheduled tasks

Back in the day, I used to develop scheduled tasks by writing my own task scheduler and batch execution program.  I don’t think at the time I knew about the Task Scheduler service built in to Windows.  It support just … Continue reading 

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Are daily stand-ups necessary?

On a recent long project, our team’s commitment to continuous improvement led to some interesting results.  Originally, we started with quite a bit of the Scrum ceremony, such as sprint planning meetings, time-boxed iterations, and daily stand-ups.  However, since we … Continue reading 

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Capturing Rhino Mocks arguments in C# 4.0

As a quick review, a test fixture has inputs and outputs.  We set up our test fixture by configuring inputs.  We observe the results through the fixture’s outputs. Inputs and outputs can be grouped into direct and indirect variants.  Direct … Continue reading 

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Translating my Git workflow with local branches to Mercurial

It took me a while to really settle in to a Git workflow I like to use on a daily basis.  It’s a pretty common workflow, and is centered around local topic branches and rebasing.  It’s not actually much different … Continue reading 

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Dependency Injection in ASP.NET MVC: Final Look

Other posts in this series: Controllers Contextual controller injection Filters Action Results Views In this series, we’ve looked on how we can go beyond the normal entry point for dependency injection in ASP.NET MVC (controllers), to achieve some very powerful … Continue reading 

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