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Concepts and features – an example

One of my favorite posts by Ayende covers the idea of concepts and features.  Design occurs at the concept level, whereas features build on top of concepts.  This can be a little abstract, but I recently ran into a situation … Continue reading 

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Canonical URLs with Rack and Heroku

In my Heroku/Sinatra adventures, I wanted to make sure that I enforced canonical URLs.  That is: Got 301’d to: This helps with SEO optimization, because you don’t want 80 different ways to get to the same content.  With … Continue reading 

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Sinatra and Heroku: the elevator pitch

Recently, I needed to upgrade an old ASP.NET 2.0 site I’ve maintained for a family member.  I built the original site back in 2000 or so with ASP and FrontPage (had the FrontPage Bible on my desk for that one).  … Continue reading 

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Moving containers beyond testability

In Derick Bailey’s two recent posts on containers, I found a lot of déjà vu in his sentiments.  In fact, it’s quite similar to the issues that I was running into a while back, trying to move beyond top-down design. … Continue reading 

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A question for Rubyists

I was checking out this post from Derick Bailey today, and something struck me rather odd.  Not the “DI only enables testability” argument, but the ruby code: class Foo    def bar     baz =     baz.do_something   end end I’ve been very … Continue reading 

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A healthy transition

A couple of years ago, Justice Gray shared his journey from out of shape, yet still sexy to in shape.  Believe it or not, it was actually a bit of a motivation for me to get back in shape.  It … Continue reading 

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Natural selection in IT

Or, survival of the fittest.  When I worked for a large IT organization a few years back, there was an effort to purge the company of what were referred to as “Client Supported Systems”.  In other words, systems the business … Continue reading 

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