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Most boring debates ever

As lived for us every day in Twitter, irc, newsgroups, blog comments, digg, reddit, over and over and over again: vi vs. emacs Microsoft vs. Linux Firefox vs. Chrome Firefox vs. IE Firefox vs. Opera Opera vs. wait, no one … Continue reading 

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Ditching domain models for reads

Last week was a tipping point for me.  We had an issue where a production service failed because NHibernate was trying to issue thousands of UPDATE calls for domain objects that we didn’t update.  It turned out that we had … Continue reading 

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The case against Interfaces in TDD

Mark Ploeh has an interesting post about interfaces in TDD – that interfaces aren’t necessarily abstractions.  That’s certainly true.   Interfaces don’t guarantee we’re actually following SOLID design principles.  In fact, the whole idea of the typical repository pattern in a … Continue reading 

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Protip: Viewing large XML files

There are lots of editors that can view large XML files, such as Visual Studio, Notepad++, UltraEdit and so on.  But all of these have one flaw – they try and do too much in viewing XML.  Things like coloring, … Continue reading 

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