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Separation of Concerns and databases

I’m looking at a database table this morning, looking to optimize a few queries by adding some indexes. The trouble is, this table already has many indexes, all on different columns. So now I’m thinking, is this a smell that … Continue reading 

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Scheduled tasks with Quartz.NET

I’ve used a few different task schedulers on my current project, where I have to kick off NServiceBus sagas at very specific times of day (every night at 2AM etc.) We started out using the built-in Windows Task Scheduler, which … Continue reading 

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Another source for LINQ extensions

While poking around for LINQ extensions, I found a project on Google Code, morelinq, that has *numerous* LINQ extensions from some rock-star authors like Jon Skeet, such as: Batch Concat Consume DistinctBy Pad Pipe Scan TakeEvery Zip And many more.  … Continue reading 

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