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Efficient transactional processing

Ayende had a post on how to handle race conditions and unbounded result sets, describing a problem where you needed to perform transactional work against a set of entities. A bad solution would be: var subscriptions = session.Query<Subscription>().Where(s=>s.NextCharge < DateTime.Now); … Continue reading 

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Experiences with REST

Every system I’ve ever integrated with that refers to itself as “RESTful” is not REST. It’s RPC over HTTP. Every system I’ve ever built that I called “RESTful” is not REST. It’s RPC over HTTP. One of those dawning, sad … Continue reading 

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Drawing boundaries

For the last nine months, I’ve primarily worked on an integration systems project, where my “User Interface” are things like flat files deposited on various SFTP servers, calls to web services, “RESTful” web services and so on. If there’s one … Continue reading 

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Distributed Podcast episode live

Check it out on the Distributed Podcast site here. We cover quite a wide variety of topics, from DTC, testing NServiceBus, migrating legacy systems and more. Thanks to the two Jonathans, Andreas and Rinat for inviting me on, and to … Continue reading 

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Gawker sites breaking the web

Another baffling feature of the new Gawker sites re-design is that it appears that they’ve broken the browser’s Back button. Starting at, I’ll click a link for an article: That brings up the Web 3.0 Frames magic and replaces … Continue reading 

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Not an April Fool’s post

Today I plan on writing a stored procedure. Not because I’m being forced to, but because the problem, as far as I can determine, requires a set-based solution. It’s a once-a-month process, doing bulk import, update and export of up … Continue reading 

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