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Distributed computing fallacies and REST

One item to keep in mind when investigating consuming or exposing REST APIs are the fallacies of distributed computing: The network is reliable. Latency is zero. Bandwidth is infinite. The network is secure. Topology doesn’t change. There is one administrator. … Continue reading 

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Waste and group estimations

In my post on ditching planning poker, I talked about the waste we uncovered with group estimations. In fact, we found the entire sprint planning meeting to be a large waste of time. In our spring planning meetings, our entire … Continue reading 

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Symptoms of a centralized VCS

Reading the TFS 2010 Branching Guide on CodePlex (no, I’m not a glutton for punishment, just want to know what else is going on in the world), I found an interesting note on scratch or temporary branches that pretty much … Continue reading 

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Estimation in consulting

Some of our big early agile projects in consulting gave us quite a big perspective in what works well in estimation techniques in our consulting business, and what doesn’t. We already ditched the group estimation techniques of planning poker, finding … Continue reading 

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From sprints to pull-based flow

In the last post, I talked about a large, long-term agile project and how we consolidated individual teams’ story flows into one, big story wall. All teams were now united into one visible process for getting a story from inception … Continue reading 

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Visualizing the entire flow

In the large agile project I talked about in the last post, one of the biggest improvements in our process was combining our story workflow across all teams. At the start of the project, we didn’t really know what our … Continue reading 

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Ditching planning poker

In a recent long-running agile project, we started out our story estimation process with a game called “planning poker”. Planning poker is a collaborative estimation technique, where all developers on a team determine estimates in stories in terms of points, … Continue reading 

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Time to retire VB.NET

Whenever I attend a MS-centric conference, you’ll most likely see that C# is the dominant language. Not by a little bit either, a lot. But VB.NET still has heavy usage in .NET, so why do conferences skew towards C#? I’m … Continue reading 

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