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How to fix Subversion merge

Having done quite a bit of branching in centralized and distributed source control systems, I’m intimately aware of the additional (and I would say, unnecessary) pain centralized source control systems like Subversion and TFS bring to more powerful branching strategies … Continue reading 

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Endemic simplicity

I was setting up a new website for AutoMapper the other day, and needed to get both a domain name and integration into Heroku, where my site is hosted (for free, by the way). When you host your site with … Continue reading 

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Intelligent model binding with model binder providers

So that better model binder I built a couple of years ago to address conditional model binding in ASP.NET MVC 1-2 is obsolete with the release of ASP.NET MVC 3. Instead, the concept of a model binder provider allows this … Continue reading 

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