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Integrating Toto and a Sinatra app in 10 steps

Integrating a Sinatra and toto application is a little tricky for those unfamiliar with hosting multiple Rack applications in a single Rack instance. To integrate these two for, I followed similar instructions from the toto wiki: cd your_sinatra_app mkdir … Continue reading 

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Simplicity is a good thing. Especially when you want to turn out a site that’s really only a couple of pages, max, you don’t want to spend much time (or any) futzing around with things that you don’t care about. … Continue reading 

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Official site of AutoMapper launched at

I’ve (finally) officially launched the official AutoMapper site at It will be a central location for links to AutoMapper resources (mailing list, source, wiki, blog etc.) as well as a spot for news and announcements. I also have an … Continue reading 

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MSMQ and cached DNS

A couple of weeks ago, one of our hosting providers switched a number of our hosted servers from DHCP to use NAT internally, but kept the same external IP addresses. Evidently we had exhausted the IPv4 addresses internally, and a … Continue reading 

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To sign or not to sign an OSS project

At one point, AutoMapper was not a signed assembly. Until someone asked for it, I went ahead and signed the assembly, and really haven’t had a complaint since. But it seems that signing of OSS projects is a bit of … Continue reading 

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Edge cases and impossibilities

When one nurtures a production system for a long period of time, new requirements or examinations of existing behavior typically start with a set of assumptions of how the existing system should behave. However, I’ve often found that my assumptions … Continue reading 

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A brighter TFS future?

I saw an interesting quote in Brian Harry’s (the PM of TFS) post on TFS 11 enhancements. He mentions that the next TFS version will support Subversion-style “Modify-merge-commit” workflows, which is a definitely a step in the right direction. However, … Continue reading 

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Disruptive versus iterative change

Scrum is a rather interesting phenomena. As a process, the feedback system it incorporates encourages incremental and iterative improvements not only in the software, but the process itself. Once scrum is in place, things can go rather smoothly, although I … Continue reading 

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