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AutoMapper 2.0 – Nested/Child Containers

One of the major features introduced with the AutoMapper 2.0 release is the ability to support nested/child containers. Service location has been in AutoMapper for a while now, but its scope was limited to configuration time: Mapper.Initialize(cfg => { cfg.ConstructServicesUsing(ObjectFactory.GetInstance); … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper 2.0.0 released

Check out the announcement for details. Now that everything’s on GitHub, NuGet and TeamCity, this should make newer versions much easier and quicker to release. I hadn’t planned on waiting so long, but upgrading to .NET 4 and adding new … Continue reading 

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Git workflows with git-tfs

I’ve been working with git-tfs on a project for about a couple of months. Git-tfs is a source control bridge that allows you to work with Git locally, reducing the number of operations to communicate with the TFS source control … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper completely moved to GitHub

Cross posted from the AutoMapper blog (which I hope to stop cross-posting, eventually): AutoMapper is now completely moved to GitHub: AutoMapper GitHub I’ve updated the site on CodePlex to reflect this move, and moved all existing content over: All issues … Continue reading 

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Flash on smartphones

I had a great chuckle in this article linked from Daring Fireball about 10 reasons why the Droid Bionic will score over the iPhone 5, and one of the reasons being the support of Flash (emphasis mine): This is a … Continue reading 

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Building forms for deep View Model graphs in ASP.NET MVC

ASP.NET MVC 2 introduced a multitude of strongly-typed helpers for building form elements for strongly-typed views. These strongly-typed helpers use lambda expressions to build a complete input element, including the correct name and value for the element. The lambda expressions … Continue reading 

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