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The value of certifications

Reading Davy Brion’s post on Does Certification Have Any Value?, he provides a common answer: Someone asked which certificate would be the better choice on Twitter today: Microsoft Certified Professional or Certified Scrum Master. My answer was very simple: neither … Continue reading 

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Dealing with transactions

In the last post on NServiceBus, I got quite a few comments that one way to fix the problem of dealing with non-transactional operations that must happen if some transaction succeeds is to simply move the non-transactional operation after the … Continue reading 

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Stop premature email sending with NServiceBus

We use NServiceBus quite a lot to manage integration points where the other side isn’t transactional and we need to “shore up the process” of communicating with external services. One integration point we often don’t think about in terms of … Continue reading 

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When to use NHibernate

Ayende posted some guidance on when to use NHibernate: If you are using a relational database, and you are going to do writes, you want to use NHibernate. If all you are doing are reads, you don’t need NHibernate, you … Continue reading 

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The last vestiges of Hungarian notation

Certain arguments seem to resurface every few years, like whether or not to use a mocking framework, and more recently on Twitter on why .NET still uses Hungarian notation in a few select cases, namely: Interfaces Generic type parameter names … Continue reading 

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Why do TDD?

Because sometimes your test passes the first time you write it. Either you’re done writing any more code, or your understanding of how your code is supposed to work is wrong. Both paths lead to a better spot than without … Continue reading 

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