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Multiple messages and transport messages in NServiceBus

Andreas Öhlund posted recently on the concept of the “transport message” in NServiceBus. One of the mistakes I often see (and made myself) was misunderstanding the boundary of the unit of work NServiceBus applies to messages, especially around sending multiple … Continue reading 

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Speaking at San Diego DNUG tonight

If you’re in the San Diego area tonight, I’ll be giving my talk on domain modeling. Details below: I’ve been told that there is free pizza. If not, I might be able score some stale bagels from my hotel’s … Continue reading 

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CodeMash 2012 wrap up

This year was my first to attend the bacon debauchery that is CodeMash. I had been suggested to go by pretty much everyone that I’ve met that has gone, and this year I was fortunate enough to be selected as … Continue reading 

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The grand No Flash experiment (update)

My dislike of Flash has been well documented, so last month I thought I would try to see what the internet was like without Flash installed, whatsoever. I removed Flash completely from my system, including any Chrome plugin (Chrome has … Continue reading 

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Formula for project success

In light of recent conversations around ActiveRecord and Rails, I thought it might be important to recognize the factors in a project success, in terms of the code produced: In order for a software project to be successful, two things … Continue reading 

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