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Built-In Roles in NServiceBus

One common scenario we see with NServiceBus is the desire to have different configuration in different environments. For frameworks and applications that rely on external configuration, such as the .config file or other external store, there’s an easy route to … Continue reading 

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Visual Studio Command Prompt in Console

I’m a big fan of Console – it’s a nifty little app that lets you host multiple disparate command prompts in a single tabbed interface. I have a regular command prompt, a Git bash, a Powershell prompt and a Python … Continue reading 

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OSS Rules of Engagement

After two posts to a reaction of a comment on feedback I had for the Git installer, I thought it was pertinent to share my thoughts on OSS rules of engagement. Scott Chacon left a comment along the lines of … Continue reading 

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Constraints, expectations and real estate

One of my favorite shows on TV these days is (don’t laugh) the show Property Virgins on HGTV. In it, an experienced Realtor walks first-time home buyers through the house selection and offer process. A lot of times the “let’s … Continue reading 

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Improving the Git Windows experience: Downloads

I love Git. It’s very powerful tool that lets me bend my repository to my will, with commands and features that blow the other source control providers I’ve used out of the water. However, the tooling just doesn’t do it … Continue reading 

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