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How to fork the ASP.NET Web Stack to GitHub

I find GitHub a lot easier to work with for visual diffs etc., so if you’re interested in forking the newly released ASP.NET Web Stack on CodePlex to GitHub, it’s quite simple. Prerequisites: First, get a GitHub account and make … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Razor and Open Source and what it means

In case you missed it, a large part of ASP.NET is not only going open source, but will be developed in the open on CodePlex and will accept contributions. Now, ASP.NET MVC has always been open source, but has always … Continue reading 

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Dallas Day of Dot Net NServiceBus presentation posted

About a week ago or so I presented at Dallas Day of .NET on Keeping Integration Sane with NServiceBus. I talked about the three main ways I’ve had to integrate with other systems I don’t control, including: Sending files Receiving … Continue reading 

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Integrating and isolating the container in tests

In unit tests, an IoC container rarely enters the mix. In integration tests, or more end-to-end tests, I like to use the exact same configuration for the container as I do in production. Recreating production scenarios and environments in tests … Continue reading 

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Git core.autocrlf settings poll results

The results from last week’s poll are in! And they couldn’t be more (less) clear: A highly unscientific poll shows an even split between true and false, with a minority choosing the other two options. So that settles it! What’s … Continue reading 

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Tabs versus spaces: Spaces won

Why? Because since at least Visual Studio 2005, the default for tabs/spaces has been: Insert spaces, not “Keep tabs”. If tabs were supposed to win, they would have won the default settings battle. If the default settings in Visual Studio … Continue reading 

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Twtpoll – your git global core.autocrlf settings

I’m curious to see what folks set as their default core.autocrlf settings in git (for those of us who use msysgit on Windows): I have a feeling that we need a sensible default, but have seen lots of opinions … Continue reading 

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Local builds and build servers

So this week I added NuGet publishing straight from TeamCity for AutoMapper. Every time I push to master, a new NuGet package is automatically published to the official NuGet repository. In order to do so, I just used the built-in … Continue reading 

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