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Mixing async and sync in distributed systems

One of the more difficult transitions when moving from a synchronous UI to an inherently async/CQRS-based UI is the burden of figuring out what to do with all these synchronous operations. Especially when dealing with existing systems, users that expect … Continue reading 

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Limits of performance optimization

Back in college, where I was an Electrical Engineering undergrad, I had an especially difficult professor for my microcontrollers course. In this course, we would hand-roll assembly language instructions and upload them to the 68HC12 testing board. (Side-note, I never, … Continue reading 

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Persisting enumeration classes with NHibernate

As part of my “Crafting Wicked Domain Models” talk, I walk through the concept of enumeration classes, yanked from Java and on Jon Skeet’s list of biggest C# mistakes (or missing features). In my talk, I leave out how to … Continue reading 

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