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ORM techniques for legacy databases

One of the reasons folks typically go with a hand-rolled ORM (i.e., using ADO.NET by hand) is the assumption that ORMs don’t work well with legacy databases or databases designed in isolation from any sort of object model used to … Continue reading 

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Don’t write your own ORM

In my last post, I talked about various kinds of patterns of ORMs and how to choose an ORM strategy. From the comments and tweets I got, it seems like some folks still think that their only ORM choices are: … Continue reading 

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Choosing an ORM strategy

One of the mistakes I see people make (and have made myself) is assuming that you must choose exactly one ORM strategy for an entire database/application/system. It’s simply not the case. You can (and should) tailor your ORM strategy to … Continue reading 

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Troubleshooting SQL index performance on varchar columns

Doing a deployment last night, I ran into an issue around indexing performance around SQL columns of type varchar. Varchar is the ANSI version of character data – storing as 8-bits, while nvarchar is Unicode, storing as 16 bits. For … Continue reading 

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Our Post-Agile World

It’s been a looooong time since I’ve posted anything about Agile, and today I sat down to try and figure out why. It’s not that I don’t care about the values in the Agile Manifesto, nor that I’ve gone completely … Continue reading 

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