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Evolutionary Project Structure

I used to care quite a bit about project structure in applications. Trying to enforce logical layering through physical projects, I would start off a project by defaulting to building an app with at least two projects, if not more. … Continue reading 

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CQRS and user experience

CQRS as a concept is relatively easy to grasp, as it’s really just two objects where there was once one (plus all the stuff underneath the covers to make that happen). Where I see most teams struggle to apply these … Continue reading 

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ThatConference presentation content posted – Functional Testing in MVC

Last week I was lucky enough to speak at ThatConference – now the other awesome developer conference hosted at a Kalahari Resort. The week was a blast and I highly recommend penciling in next year’s dates to go. I talked … Continue reading 

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Busting some CQRS myths

CQRS, while a relatively simple concept, still brings a lot of assumptions about what CQRS is and should be. So what is CQRS? Simply put, CQRS is two objects where there was once one. We’re splitting code infrastructure down to … Continue reading 

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Central Texas GiveCamp needs volunteers

Next month, a few of us at Headspring are putting on the Central Texas GiveCamp. For the uninitiated, a GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where us as developers/coders/designers get together to put our skills to good use for non-profit organizations. … Continue reading 

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Reliable job scheduling with NServiceBus and Quartz.NET

One of the more interesting features of NServiceBus is the ability to schedule messages and send messages in the future. The default implementation works well for simple cases, where you have messages that need to be sent every X seconds. … Continue reading 

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