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Upcoming talks–Nov/Dec 2012 edition

I’m going to be traveling a bit after Thanksgiving to Dublin, London, and Kiev. I like to try and do something with the local community folks (mostly because I enjoy foreign ales). If you’re around, come by and say hello! … Continue reading 

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IKEA stand up desk: two months later

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of stand up desks. Not because of potential health benefits or anything like that, but in general I get a bit tired of sitting all day. I’m a little bit of a spaz, … Continue reading 

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Respect and the 40-hour work week

A post on Hacker News this week caught my eye, lamenting the loss of the 40-hour work week. In particular, the plight of information workers was highlighted as one of the few remaining industries that regularly asks its workers to … Continue reading 

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Why GitHub’s pricing model stinks (for us)

I love GitHub. I use it for websites, I use it for OSS, I use it for a dump of blog post code. I love the website, I love the tools, I love the apps. I love that it’s in … Continue reading 

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Testing with queries and repositories (a simple example)

Not being much of a fan of the Repository pattern, or better yet, not a fan of applying it as a universal data access strategy, one question that comes up often is “but what about testing”? But the question should … Continue reading 

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NServiceBus and concurrency

A while back, Andreas posted on NServiceBus sagas and concurrency. In that post, he described both what to consider and how to change the concurrency model of NServiceBus and how it relates to sagas. One thing that comes as a … Continue reading 

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