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Messaging Semantics: Ownership

In the last post, I covered naming of messages for the different kinds of messages we typically see: Commands Replies Events The names of messages is the first clue I look in to see if boundaries are correct. Often, when … Continue reading 

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Dublin ALT.NET / Skills Matter / Kiev ALT.NET slides & code

The last few weeks I was in Europe giving a few NServiceBus trainings, and gave some local user group talks on Real World Polyglot Persistence. Two of the events were live streamed, and the SkillsMatter talk was recorded: Dublin ALT.NET … Continue reading 

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Messaging semantics: names and verbs

In most messaging systems I’ve worked with (synchronous or asynchronous), there are three general types of messages that arise: Commands Replies Events Queries can be thought of as a special kind of command where I ask for something and get … Continue reading 

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