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Eventual consistency in REST APIs

Not picking on an API in particular, but…wait, yes I am. Octopus (an awesome product) has a proposed API on GitHub, and one of the things it describes is how to deal with the fact that the backend is built … Continue reading 

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Saga patterns: wrap up

Posts in this series: Observer pattern Controller pattern Pattern variations Scaling sagas Routing slips NServiceBus sagas are a simple yet flexible tool to achieve a variety of end goals. Whether it’s orchestration, choreography, business activity monitoring, or just other long-running … Continue reading 

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Ditching two-phased commits

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with two-phased commits during my years with messaging. Even if MSDTC was free to set up, it doesn’t come free in terms of throughput. Most people run into 2PC in messaging because because queueing systems … Continue reading 

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Messages, data and types

One concern I receive quite a bit from folks new to messaging, especially those coming from SOAP and WCF land, is how to preserve the convenience of proxy classes and data contracts that can be shared amongst multiple clients. The … Continue reading 

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