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NDC Videos online

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of presenting a few talks at the NDCOslo. It’s a close contest for the most enjoyable, rewarding conference with it and CodeMash, but both have a different enough vibe that it’s … Continue reading 

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Austin Code Camp 2013 registration open

The annual Austin Code Camp, scheduled for August 17th, is now open for registration. The Austin Code Camp is 100% free and run completely by volunteers, with support from the Austin .NET Users Group (ADNUG). The call for speakers is … Continue reading 

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Run tests explicitly in

I’ve more or less ditched NUnit as my default automated testing platform in .NET, preferring the more sensible defaults of Switching wasn’t so bad – it mostly involved moving setup/teardown methods to constructors/Dispose methods. One piece that was missing … Continue reading 

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Strategies for isolating the database in tests

One of the keys to having maintainable tests are to make sure that tests are isolated and reproducible. For unit tests, this is easy as long as we stay away from global variables, static classes and in general global state. … Continue reading 

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Distributed systems reading list

Something I wish I had read years ago (or found out about) is this nice concise list of resources around distributed systems: When I started having issues around 2PC, and twitter was being beyond unhelpful with pointers to actual … Continue reading 

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ACID 2.0 in action

One of the comments in my last post on message idempotency asked about message ordering. This is part of a larger issue that I’ve run into recently around turning two-phase commits off. When looking at mutating state through interactions, typically … Continue reading 

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(Un) Reliability in messaging: idempotency and de-duplication

In my post on ditching two-phase commits, I introduced the problem of trying to listen and talk at the same time. Essentially, people typically do two-phased commits in messaging systems because they want to deal with messages “exactly once”. But … Continue reading 

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