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C# 6 Exception Filters Will Improve Your Home Life

If you’re like me and you enjoy nice, peaceful weekends, but keep getting hassled when something bad happens in production to shatter the blissful silence you’re enjoying, a great new feature of C# 6 will help you out: Swallow exceptions … Continue reading 

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Entity Framework extensions for AutoMapper

I pushed out a little library I’ve been using for the last couple years for helping to use AutoMapper and Entity Framework together. It’s a series of extension methods that cuts down the number of calls going from a DbSet … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper dev builds moved to MyGet

I’m moving the dev builds for AutoMapper to MyGet, here: I’ll still have pre-release builds on NuGet, but it’ll be a little less noisy having the NuGet builds be only builds from master. <eom>  

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NDC talk on SOLID in slices not layers video online

The talk I gave at NDC Oslo 2015 is up on SOLID architecture in slices not layers: In it I talk about flipping this style architecture: To one that focuses on vertical deliverable features: Enjoy!

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End-to-end Hypermedia: Building a React Client

In the last post, I walked through what is to me the most interesting part of REST – the client. It’s easy to build a server API, but no API is complete without someone actually using that API. This is … Continue reading 

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