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I’m Down With M.V.C., Yeah You Know Me!

Over the past week, I’ve had some time to dig into the new ASP.NET MVC framework. For starters, my background in web development is mostly classic ASP talking to COM objects built in C++. I’ve only used ASP.NET to provide … Continue reading 

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Reflections on KaizenConf

Last weekend, Dru Sellers and I (along with 100 or so others) attended the Continuous Improvement in Software Development (referred to as KaizenConf, likely due to the URL) conference in Austin, TX. We left Tulsa late Friday night after taking … Continue reading 

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Remote Pairing and Screencasting

I’m starting to question the value of blogging as a way of rallying community efforts.  I’m inclined to focus more on article-style blogging vs. conversational-style blogging and moving the conversation to Skype+VNC and recording the interactions and minimally producing screencasts … Continue reading 

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Engaging Microsoft

Many Microsoft employees were at the ALT.NET conf in Seattle — including many of the ones that have been criticized publicly by the greater ALT.NET community. Not only was Microsoft there, but they were a sponsor and a few employees … Continue reading 

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ALT.NET Seattle Starts Tonight

While I’m trying to keep my posts at pace with the event here in Seattle, it gets harder as more attendees arrive. Yesterday, Evan Hoff showed up and we took another trip down to Pike Place Market for some food … Continue reading 

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Preparing for ALT.NET Seattle

While the MVPs descend upon Seattle for the 2008 MVP Summit, I’m getting ready to head to Seattle for the ALT.NET Open Spaces Conference this coming weekend. Many of the people attending the ALT.NET conference are also MVPs, so there … Continue reading 

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