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Announcing Pablo’s Fiesta 2011!!!!!

Registration is open for the this years annual “Pablo’s Fiesta!” We at LosTechies believe in constantly providing insight and strengthening the passion and creativity to our ever expanding software community. Not to mention have an excuse to party and code! … Continue reading 

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Houston ALT.NET Open Space (April 3rd – April 5th, 2009)

I’ve just become aware of an ALT.NET Open Space conference happening in Houston during the first week of April  Registration isn’t open yet but will be soon.  I’m not involved with the event but wanted to make the announcement (thanks … Continue reading 

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How to drink from a fire hose

I have encountered several people over the last week who have simply lost interest in the Alt.Net mailing list due to the overflow of information.  Simply to much information to keep up with.  So I asked them to show me … Continue reading 

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BDD Surprise: R# Usage Scenarios

I had to blog about this because it brought a smile to my face when I saw it. After some discussion yesterday over the benefits of implementing a REST model in ASP.Net MVC.  I was up late last night looking … Continue reading 

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ALT.NET summary blog

If the ALT.NET mailing list is too much to keep up with, as it is the Mother of All Firehoses (MOAF), several folks have pointed out a nice summary blog: Alt.Net Pursefight! It keeps a nice daily ego check and … Continue reading 

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BDD Macro and Template Usage screencast

What timing I just finished reading JP’s blog about how he paired with Scott Bellware and modified his Macro for BDD.  Well, while they were busy doing that I decided to make a screencast on some modifications I did to … Continue reading 

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You think it’s getting hit a little hard?

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When passion becomes dogma is it elitism?

From Wikipedia Passion is the emotion of feeling very strongly about a subject. Dogma is the established belief or doctrine held by a religion, ideology or any kind of organization, thought to be authoritative and not to be disputed or … Continue reading 

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Model Driven Architecture

I was really excited to read about Microsoft’s recent exploration into the MDA arena!  This is something I have been wanting for quite sometime but I am very hesitant to get too excited.  Microsoft has a tendency to create bloat … Continue reading 

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This post was originally published here. Has anyone else that attended ALT.NET feel under the weather this week?  I was fine before the conference, then felt like crap afterwards. I have a feeling that it was because of the germ-sponge … Continue reading 

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