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Alt.NET Day 2

I apologize for the delay of this post.  It was a great weekend and I learned a great deal about other developers and myself.  It has also made me hit the code harder.  I don’t know how Oren or BREAKFAST … Continue reading 

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“Even A**holes do great things” ~ (stated by Scott at the end of the conference) I agree with many others, a big thanks goes out to Scott and the other leaders of the conference for putting it together.  … Continue reading 

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Hanselman recording of Guthrie MVC presentation

It’s online:

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ALT.NET Impressions

This post was originally published here. The ALT.NET Conference is over, and I’m exhausted.  I’ve never been to a conference that consistently challenged my assumptions about software development.  The amount of dialogue and debate that occurred was quite staggering, considering that … Continue reading 

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Resp: Why ALT.NET?

Perception! I am sure all of us have heard that perception is 9/10th the rule. Unfortunately perception is what tainted the name Alt.Net. <humor> The community at large has seen this movement as gathering of elite programmers to form a … Continue reading 

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"Alt.NET" conference was not for fanboys

Please read Colin’s post and then read my comment response to a blog entry I just read from Colin Ramsay (post here). I apologize for posting my Hanselman quote out of context.  Scott said it in a joking manner without … Continue reading 

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Alt.Net conference and Behavior Driven Design

Today at the Alt.Net conference we discussed Behavior Driven Design. The debate was heated and there were varying opinions on “What is BDD?” and how to implement it. What I am worried about is that I think we did more … Continue reading 

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Wow! I just left a presentation by Scott Guthrie on the new ASP.NET MVC architecture and I’m impressed. His opening slide was: Principles:-Separation of concerns, unit testing, red/green TDD, maintainable-Extensible and pluggable-Enable clean urls and HTML-Integrate nicely within ASP.NET + … Continue reading 

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Alt.NET Day 1

Precursor: If you think I’m name dropping, I don’t care.  I have an opportunity to interact with some of the most intelligent/influential people in our industry this weekend.  ALL QUOTES IN THIS ENTRY ARE PARAPHRASED AS I DO NOT HAVE … Continue reading 

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UPDATE: Context: This was a joke!  No term was stated in a derogatory tone. Howard Dierking does a much better job at setting up the context and delivering the quote than I did.  I apologize. Scott Hanselman, “Mort is crying … Continue reading 

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