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AutoMapper 5.1 released

Release notes here: AutoMapper 5.1 Some big things from this release: Supporting portable class libraries (again), profile 111. Because converting projects from PCL to netstandard is hard More performance improvements (mainly in complex mappings), 70% faster in our benchmarks Easy … Continue reading 


Integrating AutoMapper with ASP.NET Core DI

Part of the release of ASP.NET Core is a new DI framework that’s completely integrated with the ASP.NET pipeline. Previous ASP.NET frameworks either had no DI or used service location in various formats to resolve dependencies. One of the nice … Continue reading 

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AutoMapper 5.0 Released

Release notes: 5.0.0 5.0.1 Today I pushed out AutoMapper 5.0.1, the culmination of about 9 months of work from myself and many others to build a better, faster AutoMapper. Technically I pushed out a 5.0.0 package last week, but it … Continue reading 


AutoMapper 5.0 speed increases

Just an update on the work we’ve been doing to speed up AutoMapper. I’ve captured times to map some common scenarios (1M mappings). Time is in seconds:   Flattening Ctor Complex Deep Native 0.0148 0.0060 0.9615 0.2070 5.0 0.2203 0.1791 … Continue reading 


AutoMapper 5.0 Beta released

This week marks a huge milestone in AutoMapper-land, the beta release of the 5.0 work we’ve been doing over the last many, many months. In the previous release, 4.2.1, I obsoleted much of the dynamic configuration API in favor of … Continue reading 


AutoMapper 4.2.1 released – Static is back (limited) edition

After a bit of feedback and soul searching and honestly tired of dealing with questions, some of the static API is restored in this release. You can now (and in the future) use Mapper.Initialize and Mapper.Map: The big pain … Continue reading 


AutoMapper 4.2.0 released

Yesterday I bit the bullet and pushed out the 4.2.0 release. This was a fairly large internal refactoring, with the entire static API marked as obsolete and a new instance-based API exposed. Some helpful links for the move: Wiki on … Continue reading 


Removing the static API from AutoMapper

As I work towards the 4.2 release of AutoMapper, I got a little inspiration. Over the past year or so I’ve given some talks/podcasts about a long-lived open source codebase. One of my biggest regrets was that I made AutoMapper … Continue reading 


AutoMapper 4.1.0 Released

Release notes here: Supports the following frameworks: .NET 4.0 .NET 4.5 dotnet (all dnxcore/UWP targets) MonoTouch MonoTouch10 PCL profile 259 MonoDroid WinRT/Windows Phone 8.1 Windows Phone 8.0 Silverlight 5 This was a bit of an internal refactoring release. With … Continue reading 


AutoMapper 4.0 Released

Release notes here: On NuGet of course. This was a big release – I undertook the exciting challenge of supporting all the new platforms from VS 2015, and in the process, collapsed all of the projects/assemblies into exactly one … Continue reading