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Shifting testing strategies away from mocks

Over the past couple of years or so, I’ve started to come to the opinion that reliance on mocks for driving out design can seriously hamper large- to medium-scale refactoring efforts.  Things like adding method parameters, renames and the like … Continue reading 


Cucumber, A Brief Overview

Cucumber I’ve found Cucumber to be a pretty nice way of doing high level acceptance/integration testing. It’s also the first time I’ve ever thought that ATDD (acceptance test driven development) is actually achievable. The idea is that you write your … Continue reading 

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The Ruby/Rails Life – My Rails 3 Stack – Part 2

Rails Deployment & Testing There are some really nice tools available for deployment and testing rails. Below is a brief description of some of the ones I’ve been using with success. Capistrano I remember in the early days of my … Continue reading 

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Behaviours in MSpec

MSpec is awesome, I think it’s praised by myself and others enough for that particular point to not need any expansion; however, there is a particular feature I would like to highlight that hasn’t really got a lot of press: … Continue reading 

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Simple BDD/TDD

Todays theory is most tests and specs should be very short (2-3 lines), have at most a setup for context establishment, avoid the majority of test framework features as they should be used as an exception and not as a … Continue reading 

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Step by Step to Using MSpec (Machine.Specifications) with ReSharper

Whilst researching using MSpec with ReSharper I found it difficult to find all the resources I needed in one place. This is an attempt to condense everything into that one place and facilitate those seeking to accomplish the same task. … Continue reading 

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“Hero Mode Refactoring” AKA Enemy Of Brown Field Development

What do I mean by “Hero Mode Refactoring”?  We’ve all worked with code that wasn’t easily made testable. Most of the time we see a big ball of mud and have no idea where to begin. Sometimes however we have … Continue reading 

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Introducing SpecMaker “Rspec style” BDD in C#

So I’m certain this will be met with mixed response, because really .Net already has several decent BDD frameworks and many of you will chastise me for adding yet another framework when really BDD has nothing to do with what … Continue reading 

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Context/Spec style testing and my approach to BDD

I borrow heavily my approach to testing from a combination of Ayende’s Rhino Tools tests, and my reading of the Rspec beta book. But I think I’ve stumbled onto something I’m happy with and I can generate reports out of. … Continue reading 

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Spaces in identifier names in C#

While I’m a fan of descriptive member names for testcase classes and test methods, there wasn’t a great way to create readable text.  Text in code editors is almost universally monospace, which reads very well for languages with lots of … Continue reading 

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