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Continuous learning and getting left behind

One of the more tiring arguments against ideas like Agile or Lean is the line of “gee, it used to be RUP, now Agile, now Lean.  Make up your mind!  I’ll come back in 2 years when it’s something else … Continue reading 


Speeding up a local build

For the past few years, I’ve been fairly strict about following a rigorous Continuous Integration process.  That means we run a local build (NOT just a solution compile) before we check in.  However, our local build was getting rather long.  … Continue reading 

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Required developer reading

The path from good developer to great developer is a long road, and not one with clear markers along the way.  When I started developing years and years ago, I was the fish floundering about, looking for the “Right” way … Continue reading 

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