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Feature branches and toggles

I’m a huge Martin Fowler fan, but one bit of advice I still can’t understand is the recommendation to eschew feature branches for feature toggles. The argument against feature branches are not just merge problems, but semantic merge problems, such … Continue reading 

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Local builds and build servers

So this week I added NuGet publishing straight from TeamCity for AutoMapper. Every time I push to master, a new NuGet package is automatically published to the official NuGet repository. In order to do so, I just used the built-in … Continue reading 


Tagging assemblies with Mercurial changeset hash

Once you move to a distributed version control system such as Git or Hg, the concept of incremental commit numbers begins to lose its meaning as exists in centralized version control systems such as SVN or TFS.  In centralized VCS, … Continue reading 

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Speeding up a local build

For the past few years, I’ve been fairly strict about following a rigorous Continuous Integration process.  That means we run a local build (NOT just a solution compile) before we check in.  However, our local build was getting rather long.  … Continue reading 

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Transactions and the check-in dance

At our current project, I’m on the largest individual team I’ve ever worked for.  I’ve been in larger groups working on the same codebase, but not where everyone was actually committing code every day.  One thing that’s been a constant … Continue reading 


NHibernate and xmlpoke

Some time ago I wrote about targeting multiple environments through NAnt.  The basic concept is to use the xmlpoke task in NAnt to modify any XML configuration files your application might use.  One setting that changes in each deployment we … Continue reading 

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Advanced CI: integrating web applications

So you’ve already got an automated build with unit tests and deployment packaging.  But if you have a Web Application project as part of your solution, there is still the potential for some compilation errors to get past your builds.  … Continue reading 

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