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Blue-Green Deployment

Introduction These days our customers expect their applications to be up and running all the time and literally experience no down-time at all ever. At the same time we should be able to add new features to the existing application … Continue reading 


Auto Healing

Introduction This post is part of a series dedicated to the topic of building a fully automated delivery and/or deployment pipeline. Please refer to this post for an introduction and the table of content. In the following I am going … Continue reading 

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Implementing a CI/CD pipeline

Introduction In one of my previous postsĀ I have talked about continuous deployment and continuous delivery and why it is important. In a series of posts I want to describe in detail the various patterns that are necessary to successfully implement … Continue reading 

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Event Sourcing applied – the application service

In my previous posts I revisited Event Sourcing (ES) and introduced in detail how I apply ES when implementing the aggregates of a domain model. In this post I want to talk about the application services that are the hosts … Continue reading 

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Event sourcing revisited

Event Sourcing (ES) over the last few years has become one of my favorite architectural patterns when implementing a complex line of business (LOB) application or a complex component making part of a LOB application. Attention – paradigm change! It … Continue reading 

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DDD – The aggregate

In my last posts I revisited domain driven design (DDD), applied it to a concrete domain and shed some light onto special scenarios (here and here) and how one could possibly solve them using DDD. In this post I want … Continue reading 

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DDD – Special scenarios, part 2

In my last post I discussed possible solutions for two specific problems when using DDD. In this post I want to analyze more Collaboration of aggregates Aggregates in DDD are very self centric or self focused. An aggregate does not … Continue reading 

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DDD – Special scenarios, part 1

Introduction In the last two posts (here and here) I first revisited domain driven design (DDD) in general and then I showed how we apply DDD on a realistic sample domain. For most people DDD sounds very compelling but as … Continue reading 

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CQRS Workshop – Retrospective

Introduction Today I had the honor of leading the first of a series of workshops at ClearMeasure. The topic of this workshop was CQRS. After a brief introduction into the topic the attendees were working in teams of 2 to … Continue reading 

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DDD revisited

Introduction Way too many times I encounter applications that claim to have a domain (model) and that domain driven design has been used to develop it, but in reality what I find is a collection of entities or shall I … Continue reading 

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