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Working with Forks on GitHub or CodePlex

So you want to contribute to a Git project on GitHub or CodePlex. The first thing you always do here is create a fork, which is easy enough: After you create your fork, you’ll likely then clone that forked repository … Continue reading 


How to fork the ASP.NET Web Stack to GitHub

I find GitHub a lot easier to work with for visual diffs etc., so if you’re interested in forking the newly released ASP.NET Web Stack on CodePlex to GitHub, it’s quite simple. Prerequisites: First, get a GitHub account and make … Continue reading 

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Git core.autocrlf settings poll results

The results from last week’s poll are in! And they couldn’t be more (less) clear: A highly unscientific poll shows an even split between true and false, with a minority choosing the other two options. So that settles it! What’s … Continue reading 


Twtpoll – your git global core.autocrlf settings

I’m curious to see what folks set as their default core.autocrlf settings in git (for those of us who use msysgit on Windows): I have a feeling that we need a sensible default, but have seen lots of opinions … Continue reading 


Improving the Git Windows experience: Downloads

I love Git. It’s very powerful tool that lets me bend my repository to my will, with commands and features that blow the other source control providers I’ve used out of the water. However, the tooling just doesn’t do it … Continue reading 

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Cleaning Out Git Remotes The Easy Way

I had a rather large number of remote repositories set up in my Backbone.ModelBinding repository on my box, due to the wonderful community of contributors. But it was time for me to clean out the remotes as I no longer … Continue reading 

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posh-git on Herding Code

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to record an episode of Herding Code with GitHubbers Paul Betts and Phil Haack on the state of Git for Windows: Herding Code 132. Topics included discussions on why Git hates developers and … Continue reading 

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Automating Docco Generation And Deployment To Heroku And Github

I got tired of manually typing “git push origin master” and “git push heroku master” to push changes in my BBCloneMail app up to Github and then deploy to Heroku. So I automated that with a rake task. Then I … Continue reading 

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Git Beyond the D in DVCS

Jimmy’s post is a nice reminder of the advantages of a distributed version control system. But having ramped up on Git primarily through git-svn, I thought it would be worth enumerating some of the advantages I’ve found just in my … Continue reading 

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The D in DVCS

Just a reminder that the D in DVCS stands for “Distributed”, not “Disconnected” or “Decentralized”. This is a centralized model (from And this is Distributed: Note that in the first picture, you’re reliant and dependent on the server for … Continue reading