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Separation of Concerns by example: Part 5

In our last example, disaster finally struck our quaint little application.  A strange defect showed up, which would be almost impossible to reproduce back on our developer machine.  But because we’ve broken out our dependencies, our CustomerFinder became easier to … Continue reading 

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Separation of Concerns by example: Part 3

We made quite a bit of progress separating out the concerns in Part 2, but there are still some issues with our current design.  Other parts in this series include: Separation of Concerns – how not to do it Separation … Continue reading 

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Separation of Concerns – how not to do it

In a recent article on layered LINQ applications in the latest ASP.NET PRO magazine (no link, you have to pay), the author proposes separating your application into three distinct layers: User Interface (UI) layer Business Logic Layer (BLL) Data Access … Continue reading 

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The MVC Storefront Challenge!

In Rob Conery’s recent post on the MVC Storefront example he’s been working on, he got some comment to basically toss out Linq2SQL and use NHibernate instead. Blah. How about the community does it instead?  I’m not looking for an … Continue reading 

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Mapping options in LINQ to SQL

A recent thread on the ALT.NET message board asked: How does everyone create the DataContext for their DB? Do you use the IDE and generate your custom .dbml (which also generates all your DTO’s)? Do you use a generic DataContext … Continue reading 

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