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Review: Instant Mercurial Distributed SCM Essentials How-to

I was recently offered a review copy of Instant Mercurial Distributed SCM Essentials How-to, presumably because I’m vocal about Mercurial being my backup DVCS of choice. Or something. So I worked my way through its 51 pages looking to fill … Continue reading 

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Using posh-git and posh-hg together

I use both Git and Mercurial for projects, as well as Powershell as a console for both. Both source control systems have awesome plugins in posh-git and posh-hg that provide nice statuses, tab expansions and so on. However, they don’t … Continue reading 

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Improving the Git Windows experience: Downloads

I love Git. It’s very powerful tool that lets me bend my repository to my will, with commands and features that blow the other source control providers I’ve used out of the water. However, the tooling just doesn’t do it … Continue reading 

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How to fix Subversion merge

Having done quite a bit of branching in centralized and distributed source control systems, I’m intimately aware of the additional (and I would say, unnecessary) pain centralized source control systems like Subversion and TFS bring to more powerful branching strategies … Continue reading 

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Three simple Mercurial rules

The following is highly opinionated, but it matches most closely to what typical Git workflows are.  The nice thing about Hg is that its tools can hide the complexity of working with distributed version control systems (DVCS).  That’s also a … Continue reading 


Tagging assemblies with Mercurial changeset hash

Once you move to a distributed version control system such as Git or Hg, the concept of incremental commit numbers begins to lose its meaning as exists in centralized version control systems such as SVN or TFS.  In centralized VCS, … Continue reading 

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Why Hg branches are broken (or at least less useful)

In one picture: In Hg, branches are metadata included in each changeset.  In the operation above, I created a branch, but that only marked the current directory with a branch name.  The branch won’t actually show up unless I make … Continue reading 


Mercurial workflows: mainline workflow

In the last post, we looked at a workflow very common in the Git sphere: utilizing local branches to create segregated workspaces for individual topic branches.  As far as I can tell, this seems to be the preferred day-to-day workflow … Continue reading 


Mercurial workflows: local development work

The nice thing about distributed version control systems (DVCS) such as Git and Hg is that they both allow me to basically decide how my source control should fit with my short and long-term development workflows.  A while back, I … Continue reading 


Using Mercurial as a local repository for Team Foundation Server / Start Front’N

This post covers how to setup mercurial(HG) as are local source control repository to sit in front of a Team Foundation Server . I am not going to go into the details of why you would want to run this … Continue reading 

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