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What Microservices Is Not

From what the term “Service” does not imply, from “What is a service (2016 edition)”: “Cloud” “Server” “ESB” “API” XML JSON REST HTTP SOAP WSDL Swagger Docker Mesos Svc Fabric Zookeeper Kubernetes SQL NoSQL MQTT AMQP Scale Reliability “Stateless” “Stateful” … Continue reading 

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CQRS and REST: the perfect match

In many of my applications, the UI and API gravitate towards task-oriented UIs. Instead of “editing an invoice”, I “approve an invoice”, with specialized models, behaviors and screens just for accomplishing that task. But what happens when we move from … Continue reading 

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Testing microservices

This morning I was asked about a super high level talk I gave a while back: Grokking Microservices in 5 Minutes.  Specifically regarding the testing of microservices.  One of the more difficult parts to building tiny things that collectively form … Continue reading 

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Initial Thoughts on Microservices

I have spent quite a bit of time teaching cqrs, ddd, strong boundaries, document data stores, and all sorts of other methods for taming complexity in either wide applications (lots of features/complexity) or  high volume systems (both have different issues).  … Continue reading 

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