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Force .NET application to run in 32bit process on 64bit OS

Introduction Our clients install our product on different environments. Some of them have 32bit server OS others have pure 64bit environments. Due to the lack of a 64bit version of a driver we use we have to run certain tools … Continue reading 

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Thanks Arkansas!

This week I made the drive from Austin to Fort Smith and Springdale, Arkansas to speak at the Fort Smith DNUG and the Northwest Arkansas DNUG on UI testing ASP.NET MVC.  Although I showed tools such as WatiN and Gallio, … Continue reading 


Leaving Switzerland

Dear reader you might have asked yourself why I have been quiet for such a long time. Well, one of the reasons is that I have been preparing my move from Switzerland to the United States; and more precisely to … Continue reading 

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Is Blogging Dead?

The other day I was at lunch with some folks (I won’t name drop except to give credit for the person who originally brought it up: Jeremy), and he commented that, while is number of RSS subscriptions has actually increased, … Continue reading 

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Succeeding with mediocrity

One of the criticisms of engineering practices like XP (and Agile for that matter) is that success is only really possible with strong, experienced developers.  But is it really possible to succeed with mediocrity? In my experience, teams have a … Continue reading 


Congrats to the Los Techies MVPs!

This morning, I and fellow Los Techies alumni Eric Hexter and Chris Patterson learned that we are MVPs!  Well, technically I learned last night through an IM of a re-tweet of my MVP lead, but hey, close enough, right?  I … Continue reading 


Some quick updates

I know I’ve been remiss in my blog posting duties. Please trust me when I say it’s for good reason and that you’d understand. I appreciate you sticking with me. In the meantime, here are a few tidbits that you … Continue reading 

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Meaning of life

Wolfram Alpha knows all: From OMG to OMFSM, we now move to OMWA.

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The Infinite Extensibility Engine

The biggest issue facing developers today is not lack of OO knowledge, patterns, or guidance.  It’s a sad lack of extensibility in today’s frameworks.  Over the past year or so, getting familiar with ASP.NET MVC, I think I’ve found an … Continue reading 


A sign of the times

From Daniel Cazzulino: A pattern emerges…