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VAN: Doing 2 Part Series on Castle development July 1st and 8th at 8pm

I know this isn’t related to my Pylons series and worry not there is no interruption in that, but I’m giving a couple of talks on Virtual Alt.Net. The first one I’ve done before and you may have heard it … Continue reading 

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Testing fun with ASP.NET MVC

So I assumed that much like MonoRail, ASP.NET MVC would have created, at the very least, abstractions on top of HttpContext.  Although HttpContext is an absolute beast of a god class, creating an abstraction is possible.  Let’s look at MonoRail’s … Continue reading 

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ASP.NET: officially unmaintainable

Recent forays back into “classic” ASP.NET (i.e. not MVC) have me completely convinced that ASP.NET is inherently unmaintainable.  Not partially convinced, not on the fence, but completely convinced that the presentation layer of ASP.NET cannot be maintained in any reasonable … Continue reading 

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Controller bloat?

Some of my background information first: 2 years classic ASP (ASP 3.0) 5 years ASP.NET 1-2 months MonoRail 10 minutes ASP.NET MVC ~45 seconds Ruby on Rails That’s the sum of my experience with different web application frameworks.  Obviously it’s … Continue reading 

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Unit testing MonoRail controllers – Redirects

When developing with MonoRail, one of the common operations is to redirect to other controllers and actions.  Originally, I looked at the BaseControllerTester to help test, but it required a little too much knowledge of the inner workings of MonoRail … Continue reading 

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MonoRail Quickly – Screencast

Update: Zip file links have been updated due to the first one being corrupt! Well it was bound to happen at some point.  My first screencast.  It’s a quick walkthrough on how you can get a baseline MonoRail solution up … Continue reading 

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MonoRail Controller Test Analysis – Problem and Resolution

Last night, my fellow LosTechies geek Jason, wanted me to check out something he was trying to do in a MonoRail controller test.  For some background and the original source code he was working with, see his Castle forum post. So here … Continue reading 

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RE: Technology Brainstorm

(Because I often get tired of writing my verbose comments in a 300×300 text box…) Colin seems to find himself in a pretty good spot.  The wonderful world of Greenfield development.  But of course with this comes…decisions.  MVC or Web … Continue reading 

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NBehave Experiment: MonoRail Controllers & Rhino Mocks

…whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him. — 1 John 2:5 Well I decided it was finally time I took a look at NBehave as … Continue reading 

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Another Quick Tip: Asserting view renders in a MonoRail controller test

This is another one of those “blog it so I can remember it” posts. My last post about a similar tip was relating to asserting redirects in a MonoRail controller.  This one deals with asserting which view is being rendered in your … Continue reading 

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